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In the year 2008 the World Agriculture Report has been published. Its main concern is to find solutions for the alleviation of hunger and malnutrition. Hunger is not a regional but a global problem of distribution. Hence it addresses our western civilisation: “Business as usual is not an option”. If human kinds biggest issues have to be solved that is the point we have to start. The World Agriculture Report clearly indicates that we have to be the change. Indeed, it is appreciable to support some social project anywhere in the world by purchasing products. However the benefit of these products has its origin in an economy system that is not tenable anymore. It is becoming more and more important to change our own economy.

The CSE Standard gives an opportunity to realise this change.

Using the CSE Standard the field “social affairs” can be transferred into the European internal market. Then not only the “developing countries” are focuses but the whole employment sector will benefit from positive effects. Due to the dominance of fairtrade products, the benefits of the social aspects of sustainability had received less attention. Although poorer countries benefit from fairtrade products we also have to consider the business effects in our region.

The CSE Standard will contribute to a better approach to all people – regardless which job they perform.

If profits are not gained at the expenses of poorer countries and are reinvested for sustainability purposes it is the first step towards shifting our own economy.

By purchasing a CSE certified product you support the company´s effort to produce products of high quality which are produced  in harmony with nature and human kind.