Why CSE?


  • – Good image by highest credibility of sustainability motivation currently available on the label market
  • – Due to the label it is possible to place the sustainability orientation directly at the POS and reach the relevant customers
  • – Strong positioning as a pioneer enterprise
  • – Meeting more than the increasing demands of policy makers and society
  • – Who join the CSE certification now will always be on the top
  • – Higher attractiveness as an employer and business partner
  • – Effects of a sustainable business: stronger crisis resistance, internal stability due to employee satisfaction, long term business relationships etc.
  • – In the long term the CSE Standard will be adapted to the EFQM. Hence CSE certified companies are automatically on their way towards excellence.

 Cost efficiency

  • – Transaction costs for long term business relationships
  • – Energy costs
  • – Transport costs for regional business relationships
  • – Personnel costs by reducing the number of sick days, employee turnover, following the rule book
  • – Reporting costs, as the CSE detailed descriptions can be used as a sustainable report

Increase in revenue

  • – Ethical consumption has increased by 15% in the last two years -> There is a big potential in sales of ethical products


  • – Search out documents – different time commitment according to enterprise
  • – If necessary changing the energy supplier
  • – If necessary creating documents
  • – If necessary updating the quality management system
  • – Define goals