What else can I do? Small introduction to sustainable lifestyle

We are happy that you are interested in the CSE seal. Besides clever ways of consumption there are other things you can consider.

It is well known that air travel is harmful, that energy should be saved, that we should travel without intensive car use. Anyone performing these advice – and not compensate these through other harmful activities – is acting strongly sustainable. We do not need plenty products to enjoy a good life. It might be liberating and opening up new possibilities for us, if we go adrift ourselves from habits, products and persuaded needs.

As an responsible costumer you most probably have heard not only about the financial crisis but also about the discussion about economic growth. Markets are created if people purchase goods. Obviously they have to need or think that they have to need the goods. It often happens that we think we need something for a good life. However meanwhile the economy is so decadent that it is tried to persuade the costumers to buy products by using questionable strategies. Some companies sell awareness of life, some plan products in such a way that daughter elements have to be bought, some create predetermined breaking points to sell more products.

Many products actually do not make sense and rather use the consumer than vice versa.

The satisfaction can not be momentarily assessed if you do it yourself or repair something. Therefore: Think twice if you really need a product or if you maybe could buy a second hand item or if you could share things.

And if you really need the product:

Consumer goods such as food, cosmetics, sanitary products etc. should be produced in a sustainable way – you can watch out for seals as CSE, Bio, Blue Angel, FCS, PEFG etc.

Buy durable consumer goods such as cloths, furniture, home appliances, electronic devices etc. only if you really need them. Pay attention to a long lifetimes, reparability, recycling possibilities and to whether spare parts are available (e.g. mobile phone battery).