The main motivation for our business is the cognition about the need of new „survival-strategies“ since survival-conditions have changed:

Facing various global challenges, a return to the traditional questions “What characterises a good life? What makes us happy?” might be a help.

Priority should be given to non-monetary values such as a culture of solidarity, responsibility, friendship, trust, relationship, etc. That is the way “a good life” can be supported by business: If economy is used as a supporting factor for the realisation for a good life for all.

The Economy of Common Good and the CSE Standard offer an opportunity for the shift from growth orientation  towards ethical values in existing structures. We consider ourselves as pioneers  for a new way of doing business which serves the cultural development towards a good life for all beings. 

Our intention is not to impose a subjective understanding of ethical business into a certification system and to superimpose this understanding on enterprises. Our aim is to involve all participants into the process of finding a way of applying an ethical  based economy. Therefore we seek for regular communication with stakeholders of science, economics and community. In different working-groups the question “HOW can we implement an ethical based economy” is considered. We have realised that a change can only be implemented by the encouragement of all active parties.